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Hemlock Bluffs Animal Hospital of Holly Springs provides a wide variety of surgical procedures, including almost any internal medicine or orthopedic procedure that your dog, cat or other pet may need. We utilize our surgical laser to decrease pain, decrease healing time and virtually eliminate surgical blood loss.  Our Veterinary Surgical Specialists are readily available to provide these surgical procedures for pet owners in Cary, Apex, Fuquay-Varina and all of southern Wake County.

What to Expect for Your Pet’s Surgery

We pride ourselves on providing a good patient experience during any surgery. Our vet surgeons first perform a pre-surgical exam and pre-surgical blood work to determine if the patient is in optimal shape for surgery that day. All surgeries receive an IV catheter, warm IV fluids and IV pain medication before, during and after the procedure. They are monitored during surgery by a trained anesthesia nurse and computerized monitoring equipment that measures heart rate, temperature, respiratory rate, blood pressure and oxygen levels constantly. They receive the fastest and safest gas anesthesia available on the market today to help decrease anesthetic “hang over”.

All surgical patients at Hemlock Bluffs Animal Hospital are wrapped in a warm water recirculating blanket to keep them warm during surgery and will remain in the warming blanket through recovery. They wake up with their own personal recovery nurse who monitors their heart rate, temperature, respiratory rate and pain perception rate every 5 minutes during the post-operative period. They will awaken with light classical music in a quiet, warm and padded environment. They even receive a snuggle buddy (an oversized teddy bear) that helps to decrease stress during recovery and give them something to snuggle with during the day.

Your Pet’s Recovery Process

After recovery, the anesthesia nurse will give you a call and let you know how the procedure went. She or he will then schedule a dismissal appointment with the doctor. At the dismissal appointment your pet’s doctor will go over the post-operative care instructions, answer any questions you may have and provide you with a written set of instructions to follow specific for your pet and their surgery. Any follow up appointments will be scheduled at this time. Lastly, we will call you the next day to find out how you and your pet are doing.

Laser Surgery

Hemlock Bluffs Animal Hospital of Holly Springs is one of the few hospitals in Cary, Holly Springs, Apex, Fuquay Varina and the entire Raleigh – Durham Triangle area to offer laser surgery. These are a few of the many reasons why we feel a surgical laser is a “must have” for our surgical patients:

  • Reduced Bleeding – The CO2 laser beam seals rather than cuts vessels as it makes the incision, thereby reducing bleeding by 90%;. This reduces the burden of surgery on the body and allows a fast recovery.
  • Reduced Infection – The CO2 laser kills microorganisms as it cuts, resulting in fewer post-operative infections.
  • Reduced Pain – The CO2 laser seals nerve endings as it incises and effectively reduces pain after surgery.
  • Reduced Swelling – Physical contact with the skin does not occur with a surgical laser. The C02 beam penetrates the tissue from a distance. No part of the instrument ever contacts the surgical field. Because there is no contact, the bruising and tissue damage that occurs with a traditional scalpel is never encountered. Post-operative inflammation is virtually nonexistent.
  • Extreme Surgical Precision – The CO2 laser emits a focused beam that is smaller than a pinpoint. This tiny pulse of energy allows our surgeons a level of accuracy that cannot be achieved with a traditional scalpel.

What procedures can be done with the Laser?

Most any!!! Spays, Neuters, Declaws, Tumor/Lump removals, Skin Tags, Ear Polyps, Eye surgery & much more!

Your pet will appreciate the reduction in post-operative discomfort after their laser procedure. Your pet will be able to resume their normal activities much quicker than with conventional surgical methods.



The whole experience was wonderful. Getting an appointment scheduled was easy, we were greeted and signed in with no hassles. A tech took our info and Molly was taken in for her procedure. When it was finished, the doctor called and talked to me and we arranged a time for pickup. When I arrived, I met with the doctor and was given review of her procedure and advise for her care for the next 24 hours. We checked out and drove home. Could not have been easier. The staff is wonderful - both caring and efficient.

Barbara Roche

I was very pleased with my first visit. Everyone was very professional and knowledgeable. Both the technicians and the Dr. took their time to get a full history. I really felt like they cared for my dog's health. I have been to other vets where I felt like I was being rushed so they could get to the next patient. This was definitely not the case. I would absolutely recommend Hemlock to anyone looking for a vet.

Jason Black

I love seeing a familiar face as soon as I open the door. I'd follow Justine and Jenny anywhere! Dr. Snyder solved Shelby's problems in a matter of minutes and I've been chasing answers for years. She's phenomenal! Melissa's knowledge and guidance has been beyond my expectations, and getting to know all of the Staff has kept a permanent smile on my face. I feel as if I've been on a long journey eager to establish roots. I'M HOME!

Nancy & Kevin Ziese

From the moment we discussed Sadie's surgery, to the follow-up the day prior, to the calls day of to go over options and 1:1 time with Dr D when we picked her up - it was all wonderful. Everyone seemed to truly care about her and also made sure we were comfortable. The surgery went better than expected and she's doing so well. We could not have imagined going anywhere else for her care.

Erica & Michael Ring

Greatest Pet Place on Earth!!! We have been clients at Hemlock Bluffs Animal Hospital for 5+ years and know the owners and staff quite well! Our pets are always treated with great love and attention, and we feel when we board our pets, they are receiving extraordinary care and staying at a home away from home! We love our vet and staff and highly recommend HBAH!!!

Pam & Chuck Pribble
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